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30 Things I Learned in 30 Years.

My birthday ride at Starcycle!
My birthday ride at Starcycle!
  1. Be Kind To Others
  2. Don’t Let Little Things Get to you – nobody got time for that!
  3. Don’t go to bed mad at the one you love – Resolve, figure it out and move on!
  4. Take care of your health – whether that means the gym, a daily meditation, coffee with friends. Take care of yourself!
  5. Keep good friends around – we go through many different friendships and relationships all at the exact moment that we should. But make sure you keep those special to you around. Call them!
  6. Find a community – find a place you belong and love to show up every day
  7. Eat good food – don’t fill your body with crap. It’s not going to help you. Ever.
  8. Drink the good wine – don’t hold on to bottles too long! Wine is meant to be drunk, not shown off.
  9. No one is perfect – we all make mistakes, we all do things other people may not like. That’s ok.
  10. Move to a new city – make new friends, get out of your comfort zone, try something different.
  11. Try out a new skill – I always had one skill for the longest time, it’s challenging and fun to try something new.
  12. Karma – I always said Karma is a bitch. Because sometimes it can be! What goes around comes around, so be kind.
  13. Stand up for yourself – If you truly believe in something and somebody challenges you, stand up for yourself.
  14. Don’t get mono – it totally sucks. Don’t do it.
  15. Own a pet – Having a dog has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. He’s my buddy, my companion, and damn cute. He makes me a happy human!
  16. Explore your town – get out and go do something you haven’t done yet. Even if its trying a new restaurant.
  17. Dark green vegetables are good for you, so eat them.
  18. Sign up for a race that terrifies you and then get it done.
  19. Be honest – nobody likes a liar. Being honest let’s people know who you are and spreads the good chi.
  20. Buy clothes and shoes that make you happy. And comfortable! Who cares if it’s black yoga pants. You do you!
  21. Go on lot’s of dates – how are you supposed to know who you belong with if you don’t know what you like?
  22. Tell your parents you love them – Being a parent is hard, make sure they know how much you appreciate everything they have done for you.
  23. Call your mom – don’t make her worry about you.
  24. Go to concerts – lot’s of them.  Nothing is better than live music. Just bring ear plugs so you don’t go deaf later in life.
  25. Go to a major sporting event- is there anything more inspiring?! Olympics, Olympic Trials, NCAAs, whatever! Just go.
  26. Try food that’s totally new to you. You might end up loving it! For me that’s brussel sprouts. Just wish it had a different name.
  27. If somebody is being mean to you, walk away.  Your time isn’t worth it. You have better things to do.
  28. Raise good human beings – self explanatory.  There future depends on it.
  29. ENJOY LIFE – we only get it one time. Have some fucking fun while you’re at it!
  30. Trust your gut – you know in your heart what is right. Listen to yourself, choose your path, go with what works for you.
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    Love it, great list!!!

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