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Last Week in my 20’s Day 4.

Love running with this little girl!
Love running with this little girl!

Health has been a big part of my 20’s whether I realized it or not. And it’s something I can say that I’m really proud of at the end of this decade. I started out in my 20’s getting mono twice while swimming in college. That was a horrible time. Like, awful.  I lost about 15-20lbs each time, the second time being the worst. And not only that, but it lead to depression which lead to therapy which ended the biggest part of my life, swimming.

After I had mono I moved back in with my parents and decided to just have fun.  That meant concerts, drinking, exploring the outdoors and hanging out with my rafting buddies.  I wasn’t getting healthy though.  I’d still get sick, I was still tired, and something was missing.  Swimming.  That was a very hard part of my life to get over.  It took me years of finding something to fill the void.

After I met my now husband, I decided it was time to make myself better and start exercising again and trying to eat better.  I started to get into running because of my husband.  We would compete on the treadmill to see who could go the fastest and furthest.  He would take me out on runs in Boston and totally kick my butt.  Eventually when we moved to Sacramento I ran my first half marathon, it totally sucked.  But that’s ok! I’m just glad he made me do it.  We have now done several races together, lots of trail running and we even have a 50k under our belt.

4 years ago I started making the transition into a plant-based diet.  I still tinker around but for the most part it’s my lifestyle.  I can now say that I feel better than I ever have!  I’m stronger, happier, I have more energy and I love the way I look. I love me and I love my body.  And now with Evelyn, I feel even more compelled to keep this up and stay strong and healthy for her.  Because not only does it help me in the long run, but I hope that it sets a good example for her.

I have made a long transition from my days in college to where I am now. But I truly am healthier now than I was then.  Kind of one of those things where you wish you knew then what you know now.  But, Oh well!  I’m just glad that I got to where I am when I have. I am so grateful for my health and happiness.  It is so important to find it as it helps you thrive in life.  I love the constant challenge of keeping my body healthy for anything that gets thrown my way.  Find what makes you happy, keeps you healthy and challenges you!

Cheers to health and happiness!

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