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Last Week in my 20’s Day 6.

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Finding several different communities while in my 20’s really made me feel like I belonged somewhere.  We really spend a lot of time searching and waiting for something to happen.  When you are around like-minded people who support and cheer you on, you can really conquer whatever it is you are working towards. Not only that, it’s so much fun!

The first time I ever really joined a community of people was in Sacramento and we joined Pipeworks climbing and fitness.  That place was rad.  Just the nicest people worked at this place and they all loved the outdoors.  I wasn’t a very good climber but I felt welcomed and accepted by the entire climbing community.  Everybody was there to help you, to be friends, to enjoy the challenge.  They even let us bring our dog, which Churro absolutely loved. And I got better at climbing. I could climb a 5.11b before we left, which was such a big deal to me. Not only that, but MD and I working as a team on the top-rope made our relationship stronger.

Luma fitness will forever have a special relationship in my heart! It was short-lived but the absolute best place to workout in the bay area.  We were lucky to be apart of the group for about a year.  Just the greatest coaches and the nicest, most supportive people you could workout with.  The workouts were not easy but we all had a great time getting our asses kicked.  We would go on trail runs, run tough mudder together (one of my favorite times ever!!), and celebrate together. These people are amazing and I can only hope that everyone could be apart of a group just as amazing.  There are not enough words to describe my love for this group.

Fit4Mom was a life saver when we moved to back Portland about a year ago.  I was a very new mom, in need of a consistent workout routine and new friends back in a city I left a long time ago.  This group of women was so accepting from the minute I came to the Mother’s Day event.  They wanted to get to know you and your little one.  I instantly felt at home and like I had friends even though I JUST met them.  But such fun energy! All the instructors are unique and different in there own wonderful way.  Everybody who works out with Fit4Mom is always willing to lend an ear or advice when you are struggling through milestones or your own personal issues.  They are also there to tell you to get lower on your squats when you don’t want to.  They are also there to make you laugh and have a ton of fun.  I feel so fortunate to have found a mom’s group.  Especially an active mom’s group!  We run, we spin, we drink coffee, we hang out, we let the little ones go crazy together and in the end we enjoy being mom’s together.  I can now say that I have some absolutely wonderful life long friends because of this community.  It’s also really funny seeing a whole stroller army of mom’s together.  We tend to get our photos taken a lot when we are out in the streets of PDX.

Being apart of these communities changed my life for the better.  I didn’t feel like I was struggling or alone when apart of these groups.  I had a purpose and a reason to wake up every day.  (Besides Evelyn screaming or wanting to get out of bed at 6am.)  Everybody likes a sense of belonging, as humans we gravitate towards others.  Especially those that we have similar values with.  Your community doesn’t have to be fitness related, it can be in the arts or cooking or wine.  Whatever!  Just find a group of people that enjoy the same things as you, you never know what could happen!

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